As a graduate in Screen Based Media studies and with years of working experience
in a communication service agency, I bring a broad skillset to the table,
to help you realise your project.
Illustrated Motion Designer Freelancer sitting at Desk, enjoying work.
My name is Thomas Dahm, I am a german motion picture artist based in Berlin. To open myself up for international clients my website is displayed in english. My mothertongue however is german.
Post production is my favorite field of work. I started with filmediting for documentary and independant filmmakers then worked for a communication agency that specialises in science documentary and explainer videos. Therefore I have extended experience with  Motion Design and Editing for science and educational videos. Furthermore I took advanced training for Sound Design and Character Animation, so I can offer a broad spectrum of post production for a variety of needs. See below a selection of clients I had the honour of working with.
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