The Sparkasse commissioned me to produce an explainer video that matches the style of their other explainer videos that had already been published. The screenplay came from the customer and as a first step I created a design board in Adobe Illustrator.
This is the 3rd version of the design board after all of the customer's change requests and minor corrections. The design board is important in order to make the resulting video imaginable for the client during the process. Designs, image content and image sequences can be changed in a relatively uncomplicated if they have not been animated yet. Only when this phase was completed and the client approved did we continue with the animation in Adobe After Effects.
In addition to the main film, three short versions were to be created in different formats for social media. 4:5 for feed posts, 9:16 for stories and 16:9 for YouTube and co. For this, the image composition, the transitions and the timing had to be adjusted.
Stand 02.08.2022

Agency: S-Communication Services GmbH

Motion Design, Sound Design: Thomas Dahm

Additional Illustration: Mary Delaney